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We list the areas, nations, states and cities here to help you find a private investigator. If you need the service of a private investigator, we hope we have one in your area. This page will soon grow and we're trying to keep it updated for you. If you find private investigators which are already out of business, please tell us!

This page is about private investigators, private detectives, and their services. We want to explain the regional differences, how the job works, what you can expect to pay for the services like surveillance and investigations. We are not offering private investigation services, so we are no competitors to private investigation companies. Instead, we provide private detectives and private investigation agencies a platform to offer and show their services.

Private Investigation: Not in every country!

You would expect, that private investigation is a business in every country around the world? Well, let us tell you: This is not the case. Because the investigation is not allowed in every country as a commercial activity. Especially the Baltic countries like Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have strict rules about the private investigation. And also some of the usual suspects in this matter, like Cuba or North Korea have a very different approach to private investigations as a profession.

List of Areas of Private Investigation

Table of Content
  • USA (Private Investigator in the USA)
    • Montana (Montana (MT): Private Investigator)
      • Billings (Billings (MT): Private Investigator)
      • Missoula (Missoula (MT): Private Investigator)

What comes next?

We are working for private investigation companies in the United States of America right now. Next will be some Latin American countries and also Canada. Later we will follow up in the Pacific region, for example, countries like Australia New Zealand. Our goal is to provide a full directory for you to find a private investigator in your area. As we are not ready now, we can only recommend you to have a look at the platform. This platform is a partner of and provides more than a thousand private investigation companies.

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Stay tuned!

So please stay tuned with our directory, as we try to keep it growing. And if you are a private investigator and you would like your company to be listed in our directory, do not hesitate to contact us, we're looking forward to hearing from you.

Table of Content
Private Investigator in the USA

The United States has a high density of private investigation services and companies. There are many different private investigators working in the USA. Many of these people are former police officers and detectives. Some of them quit their job in public service, others are already retired. All of them use their knowledge about the investigation of their new business.

Montana (MT): Private Investigator

In the north-west of the United States of America, there is Montana. The state is also called "Treasure State". Nearly a million people live in Montana, only about 30.000 people are in the capital city of Montana which is Helena. The biggest city is Billings by far! We list the private investigation services of Montana here.

Billings (MT): Private Investigator

As Billings is the largest city in the state of Montana, we already found a variety of private investigation services in this city. So here the are for you...

Missoula (MT): Private Investigator

Montanas second biggest city is Missoula. And of course there are some private investigation companies available in Missoula (MT). So we have listed those few private investigators here on our page.

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